what’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants ?

one’s a crusty bus station and one’s a busty crustacean

#i’ve told this joke a million times and it NEVER fails

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Seizure First Aid. 

Learn it. Share it. Know it. Use it. 

100% correct medical information on tumblr for once; also consider calling 911 if you don’t know how often the person has seizures and ESPECIALLY if the seizure has lasted 5 minutes or more (which is why the watch is critical)

I wish I would have seen this a couple of days ago because a gentleman had a seizure in my store yesterday and only a couple of people knew how to respond. This is good information to know.

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Warning Major Spoiler!




Moment of silence for all the people who will never see this joke because they blocked the word ‘Spoiler’.

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So I’m making a sketch for my #icebucketchallenge nomination. It’s gonna be so good, so keep tabs!!!. I’ve also decided I’m going to donate to charities researching treatment and care ME and Fibromyalgia patients, as both have had a huge impact into my families life. #watchthisspace#ifitsworthdoing #itsworthOVERDOING




I’m scared of heterosexuals. What do they want? 

your kik

haha and then what? ;)

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I was not expecting that last photo

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Poppycock. Sometimes I can’t text back or be with my favourite people because, shock horror, I’m genuinely busy.

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recently i was approached by boom studios with an offer to do an ADVENTURE TIME COMIC COVER, and i jumped on the chance to be a part of a series that ive always enjoyed a whole dang lot

after submitting three potential designs we went with my personal favorite, the one with a big ol nod to m.c. escher. even if it doesnt get chosen as an official cover i still had a lot of fun with the design ! and id imagine if escher was still around to see it hed say something like “how did i get here” and “whats going on”. haha classic escher

M.C. Escher would love this if he were alive. He’d also be 116 years old.